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I have been in Arkansas for about a week now, and I love it here. The flight was delayed, but seriously worth it. I was a bit nervous because it was only my second flight, and the first one on my own. Ms. Flowers and her family have made me feel very welcome. Although I don’t know some of them that well it feels like I’ve known them my entire life, as if they were distant relatives. I’ll be here about a month. So far I’m not missing Newark in anyway.

This week has been very productive, I met Roderick Shelby on Tuesday. He is the Chief of Staff for the Sixth Division Circuit Court Juvenile Division for Jefferson and Lincoln counties. Mondays while I’m in Little Rock I will by witnessing court proceeding and shadowing Mr. Shelby. I met attorney Eugene Hunt earlier today, I will be shadowing him for three days .So I’m getting an in depth look at what a lawyer does on a day to day basis and what it takes to be a lawyer. Also while I’m in Arkansas I will be touring one college a week. Tomorrow I’m taking a tour of (UALR) the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.
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