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“If" is the biggest word in the dictionary

“IF” -Sincere Love


The Community Stepping Up, by: Derek Koen

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This year I invited Shaq to my house for my family’s annual 4th of July BBQ. He spent the weekend with us; we all really enjoyed having him there. I didn't know that Shaq didn't eat pork, we cooked a whole pig and he helped throughout the entire process. He even did as the Romans did and tasted the pork, to the utter delight of my southern uncle who cooked the "hog". He did complain about the bugs a bit, flies, mosquitoes, gnats and the like. After a long, long night, he awoke with us in the AM to help clean up, in the rain. Noticing that I was suffering from a mixture of geriatric poisoning and barley consumption, he opted to carry the heavier items. . . thank you young man my back was killing me.


Danroy HenrY

"Imagery is powerful in that it influences public perception in ways we may never fully comprehend."
-Sharon D. Toomer
Director of Communications and Membership
Association of Black Foundation Executives

Bullying in the news

Bullying has been getting a lot of press coverage this week, town hall meetings on CNN and at least a full minute and every local and national channel that I have seen so far. In totally over the past 6 years the numbers have not toped 100, 1 life lost to nonsense is tragic and can't be tolerated. If you get your news online, you will see that our children are being killed and killing each other and "NO ONE" is saying a thing publicly. No rappers, no politicians, no ministers, no activist, nobody! According to FBI stats black men made up 40 percent of all murder victims in 2008.

ACTIONS speak louder than words 9-22-10

I think that there are two types of people, people who "SAY" they are going to do something and people who "DO" what they say. The people who only "SAY" are the ones that watch the house burn to the ground yelling and screaming about who or what set the fire! The DOERS run to put the fire out. Those people are rarely seen.

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