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F.A.C.Eing Why "i serve"

October I attended the Scholastic F.A.C.E. symposium. I would like to start this blog entry by saying “thank you” to all of those who attended and for all the positive feedback, comments, and conversations that I had at the symposium and afterwards. I really enjoyed the session. Every time I see the Beyond the Bricks, it seems a little different. Whenever I see the documentary I start to tear and I am reminded of my personal struggles, and the victories that happened as a result of them. I know that the struggles of my past are not the last that I will face.

A New Chapter Begins posted 9/21/2012


" What Beyond the Bricks has done for me. "

Someone asked me last week, “What has beyond the bricks has done for you?” At first I could not answer this question. It took me almost a week to arrive at my answer; however, it is one that is difficult to verbalize. It seems a bit perplexing that a person like me, one who is usually never at a loss for words, is struggling to verbalize how I feel.

After Arkansas

I’ve been home for about three weeks, and I'm missing Arkansas now. During my internship we attended the CBC’s policy conference institute. At the conference, New Jersey congressman Donald Payne issued a challenge to me. I’m back in Newark and I’m working on that challenge. I’m running for class president and I’m trying to put together a team of like-minded individuals.
I also have a few things in mind to improve the school. I want to start three programs at my high school (Barringer High).

Equitable learning ???


A Different Perspective

8 /9/11

Akransas !! XD

I have been in Arkansas for about a week now, and I love it here. The flight was delayed, but seriously worth it. I was a bit nervous because it was only my second flight, and the first one on my own. Ms. Flowers and her family have made me feel very welcome. Although I don’t know some of them that well it feels like I’ve known them my entire life, as if they were distant relatives. I’ll be here about a month. So far I’m not missing Newark in anyway.

My decision for the future ?

I was recently thinking about college. I have yet to decide where I want to go. Also I’m debating over what to do when I get there. I’m having a big battle within myself rather to pursue a career in law or teaching. As I thought of teaching I laughed because never in a million years would have considered teaching. I'm thinking about teaching music for the elementary or middle school students, but there is one problem; I don’t like kids and I definitely don’t have the patience to deal with them either. By the end of the summer I want to have my college situation figured out.

Happy father's day

I know father’s day was yesterday but I was angry. I felt abandoned by my father so I was not in a very pleasant mood. Then I began to think about the people that helped me, and stepped up in his place over the past couple years. Not all of them were men, but they stepped up and assumed that role and for that I’d like to say thank you. I’d like to say thank you and happy father’s day to Derek Koen, Pastor Thomas Reddick Jr., Pastor Thomas (Jamar) Reddick III, and most of all; I hope she is not offended when I say this, Ms. Dorothea Jones.

spring break


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