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Mission Statement

As the only urban research university in Georgia, Georgia State University offers educational opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students at both the graduate and undergraduate levels by blending the best of theoretical and applied inquiry, scholarly and professional pursuits, and scientific and artistic expression. As an urban research university with strong disciplinary-based departments and a wide array of problem-oriented interdisciplinary programs, the goal of the university is to develop, transmit, and utilize knowledge in order to provide access to quality education for diverse groups of students, to educate leaders for the State of Georgia and the nation, and to prepare citizens for lifelong learning in a global society. 


Meet the Instructors

Instructor Mike Molina (www.momolina) is an educator, performance artist cultural organizer and public policy advocate. A graduate of Xavier University and Yale Law School, Mike has led several youth programs that promote personal and leadership development through creative expression.




 Instructor Garfield Bright is an original member of the multi platinum selling, rhythm and blues quartet known as Shai. In this capacity, since 1992, he has performed and entertained audiences the world over.  Garfield is also an educator.  He spent two years (2008-2010) as a high school Geography/History teacher in Lawndale, California and was a co-teacher of The Politics Of Hip Hop at California State University at Northridge in 2007. He is currently enrolled in Georgia State University’s Social Foundations of Educational Policy Doctoral program. Garfield also earned his Masters Degree in African American Studies at Georgia State University in 2012, where his research focused on Independent African Centered Learning environment.


Who Am I?

Meet the Producers

My name is Quinton Arnold IV.I'm from Atlanta, Georgia the side of Atlanta where the sun didn't shine so bright.I'm a Hip Hop artist, educator, Lyricist, poet, and a survivor.It doesn't matter where you come from or how you were raised what matters is what type of life you choose to live and your view of greatness.I am the future and its my job to show people that young African American males are talented, intelligent and have the ability to change the world.





My name is Jerquan Maddox, a young artist from Atlanta. I am an aspiring musician attending Carver Early College which brought me to this Beyond the Bricks brotherhood. This my chance to tell my story and share the reality of society. As part of this brotherhood we will evaluate the affect media and diversity has on society. I'm trying to find myself in the picture.




My name is Deshawn Fleming. I am a 16 year old Washington Early College Student. Upon graduation I want to attend college to become a music producer/ engineer; however I would also want to use my education to own a large chain of studios throughout the country. On top of this I want to become a director, specializing in documentaries, so I can use the knowledge I'm gaining from the Beyond The Bricks Program To tell different stories.





Hello, I am Nickolas Alexander I am currently 18 years old. I am from Chicago Illinois, and I am participating in the best Beyond the Bricks program across the country, in Atlanta, GA. I attend Booker T. Washington Early College and I take classes at Georgia State University. I play basketball, run track, and cross country. I have a strong love for music and I hope to someday record music. I also have aspirations of being an architect or doing something in the architecture field such as urban planning or interior design.



I am Dontavious Graham. I prefer Dontae, I'm 16 years young, living life to the fullest. I am a junior at the legendary Booker T. Washington High School Home of the Bulldogs. I play football for the school and I am currently being scouted by my dream college, the University of Florida on a football scholarship. I am 100% sure that I will attend the University of Florida. After graduating, if it's not in Gods will for me to be in the NFL, I would like to be a Sports Agent.





My name is Ja'Corey Daniel. I'm an inspired, black, motivated, educated young man. I was born and raised in the streets of the well-known Pittsburgh community a.k.a. Jack City located in Atlanta. I have been through it all, from shoot outs, to the death of my close friends. It’s hard to deal with it, but I still keep my head up because at the end of the day my dream of becoming a Motivational Speaker must be accomplished. The reason that's so important to me is because I want to motivate young black men to stay out of trouble and bring meaning to their lives. I want everybody out their listening to remember one big thing about me is....I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!




My name is Adrian Wyatt Jr. I attend the New Schools at Carver Early College High School. I’m from the south side of Atlanta, GA where it’s easier to make it in than make it out, but I made a promise to myself that I WILL make it out. I’m a creative genius trying to push the voice of young innovators. I plan to graduate high school and enroll in Howard University as a fulltime student majoring in actuary science. I was always taught to have dreams, but it’s time for my community, my generation, and me to live out my dream.




“We Don’t Dream, We Take Action!”

-Joshua “Creative Genius” Watson



Week 1 


Instructor Garfield Bright fully engages the producers, and explains the significance of media literacy and the “single story representation” of the African Americans in media. As they actively watch and analyze multiple clips from different media platforms. 


Week 2


Nickolas Alexander captures the moment through his eyes with a camera. The producers have learned by this point, that the camera tells the story, from the cinematography, element of props, color, set, location, and camera angles. The shot selections help create an identity for each filmmaker in the program. 




The Rose That Grew from Concrete

Tupac Shakur


Did you hear about the rose that grew
from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it
learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping its dreams,
it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete
when no one else ever cared.


Garfield Bright takes on the emotion of Tupac Shakur's powerful poem "The Rose that Grew from Concrete". While embodying the expressionism it takes to represent a culture, and provide hope for the people through words.

Week 3

Remebering Joshua "Creative Genius" Watson (1994 - 2012)

Joshua C. Watson was an inaugural member of the 2012 Community Producers Program that MEDIA MAKE CHANGE along with the Beyond the Bricks Project. He was known as one of the brightest producers in his Atlanta cohort. He was an inspiration, shining light, and a gift to us all. He always spoke highly of his future and the motivation he had to be an example. “Josh was the result of hard work, sacrifice and loved by a community of people; evident by the way he presented himself to the world” said Derek Koen and Ouida Washington (Founders of Beyond The Bricks Project) during a 2013 interview. Josh was a victim to sensless violence during a robbery on his way home from work on Christmas Eve 2012. Joshua left a legacy that determination is the principle of success. He did not allow anyone or anything, to stand in his way of CHANGE!! Joshua will always be remembered by the Beyond The Bricks Program, especially by the Atlanta Producers, and Staff. 

Producers watch and remember Joshua Watson's inspirational testimonial about life, the program, and future goals. It was a special moment for the young men to understand at a very young age a legacy can be built through hard work, dedication, and determination.


Chuck Barlow and producers highlight the benefits of a "Win-Win" situation. Analyzing what the program can do for you and what they can do for the program.  



On the board some of the criteria for benefits of the program, to not only themselves but more importantly to others , by providing the element of teaching, volunteering, networking, and collaborations.   


Week 4

The Producers record their vIdeo diaries, providing names, school, goals and inner thoughts. While practicing being in front of the camera. Adrian Wyatt Jr seen here with Garfield Bright in action. 

Deshawn, Jerquan and the rest of the producers recieve their special edition Beyond the Bricks Project Filp Cameras. Now ready to hit the streets and tell their story.


Week 5

Cinematography and the elements within:The Producers have gained a knowledge of cinematography, from camera angles, shot selection, soundtracks, and Mise-en-scene. Producer Deshawn Fleming takes on ediitng while understanding the skills and techniques of the art. While other producers eagerly look on to follow the steps.