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Jackson Cohort One


Jackson State University


Building on its historic mission of empowering diverse students to become leaders, Jackson State University will become recognized as a challenging, yet nurturing, state-of-the-art technology-infused intellectual community. Students and faculty will engage in creative research, participate in interdisciplinary and multi-institutional/organizational collaborative learning teams and serve the global community.


The University produced technologically-advanced, diverse, ethical, global leaders who think critically, address societal problems and compete effectively. 


Instructor Dennis Daniels is currently the Principal at Williams School, a division of Oakley Youth Development Center.  Dennis is a graduate of Jackson State University in Jackson Mississippi.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, and an Educational Specialist in Educational Administration and Supervision.  Dennis is currently a Doctoral student in the Educational Leadership program.

Wednesday, March, 7

The class got a chance to experience the world of skype as I talked with Mr. Koen.  They really enjoyed talking with Mr. Koen about the program.  He increased their motivation about the program and was able to answer many of their questions.  


Tuesday, April 10


Monday, April 16

The class watched the Beyond The Bricks Film and discussed how their community resembled the students in the film.  The class continued to edit their projects and develop media production skills.  Mr. Koen observed our class and engaged in great dialogue with our students.  Brandon, Jeffrey, Darius, and Wesley really enjoyed the visit from Mr. Koen and seemed really excited about completing the remaining projects for the upcoming months.  Look for all the upcoming activities from the Beyond The Bricks family at Jackson State University.  " A motivated man has the energy to achieve success."  Dennis Daniels 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Today the group worked on their Learning Profiles and Habits of Mind.  Isiah worked with our students on their storyboards and reviewed several amination programs.  We discussed how black males are potrayed in sports when dealing with conflicts.  We discussed how Metta World Peace of the LA Lakers used physical violence during a basketball game.   "Black males make their own paths based on their daily actions and choices." Dennis Daniels

Monday, April 30, 2102

The students continued to edit their projects and reviewed animation software.  Student Darius Herron had a community concern about why black males are dropping out of school and not pursuing their education. The guys seemed to motivated about completing and improving their final projects.  

MAY MADNESS MAY 1-16, 2012 Beyond The Bricks JACKSON

May has been a good month for our group filled with bond building and editing our projects.  We have developed life long relationships that will never end.  Von Jackson, Casey Johnson, and Marcus Guein Jr. have been a great help with editing and creativity.  Brandon, Jeffrey, and Darius are working hard to improve the image of black males in their community.  They all understand the importance of keeping your word and achieving your dreams. " Only the strong will achieve and the weak will settle for anything"  Quote from Dennis Daniels.  

May 26, 2012 Beyond The Bricks JACKSON

Student Darius Herron, Brandon Tayloyr, and Jeffrey Floyd have been working hard in their respective communities to improve the young black male image.  They have continued to edit their projects and presented their community interviews in class on this week. They are excited about the June 13, 2012 Graduation at Jackson State University.  We have uploaded some of their work to vimeo.

June 9, 2012 Beyond The Bricks JACKSON

The students worked on editing their final projects and completed their Fellow Letter.  BTBP JACKSON Graduation is scheduled for June 13, 2012 at Jackson State University.  We have built lasting relationships and the students have experienced real fellowship.  They have developed leadership skills that will enable them to improve conditions in their community.



Brandon Video Diary from BTBP Produce Create Innovate JK on Vimeo.



Darius Video Diary from BTBP Produce Create Innovate JK on Vimeo.


Jeffrey Video Diary from BTBP Produce Create Innovate JK on Vimeo.